pengxiaomei Deer Warning Devices,8pcs Deer Whistle Animal Whistle for Safety Animal Alert Alarm Whistle for Car


  • Model:B0836K17WP

ENSURE DRIVING SAFETY: This deer warning whistle is designed to send ultrasonic waves to remind deer and other animals in the path of the car to stay away from them, so as to avoid bumping into them, causing unpredictable danger and loss.
GOOD QUALITY: Our deer warning whistles are made of high-quality ABS plastic, which are very rugged and durable.It can work in any climate or weather.
EASY INSTALLATION: Our animal warning whistles are glued to the car by adhesive tape, and the installation process is very simple, without the need for screwdriver and other tools.You simply remove the adhesive lining and attach the whistle to the bumper, rearview mirror or any flat part of the vehicle.
SAFETY FOR HUMANS: Some people might think this whistle to make a loud noise.But you don't have to worry about that.Because the ultrasonic sound produced by the whistle is beyond the range of human hearing, there will be no noise, nor any bad place for the human body.
SUPER ADHESIVE: Our deer warning whistles are glued to the car by adhesive tape. The adhesive tape is very good.