WLJH 10 Pack Red Canbus T5 Led Bulb 2721 37 74 Wedge Lamp PC74 Twist Sockets Dash Dashboard Lights Instrument Panel Cluster Leds Replacement


  • Model:B07HMBDJ1M

Exclusive Features: Canbus High Power 3030 Chip Led To prevent Voltage impact. Long service life.
Flexible glue SMD cover(cost 4 times as high as regular glue) which help led from overheating better;No one use this flexible glue for the cover, because of materials costs
We expect High quality, therefore we spent more on material costs, and use this flexible glue for better heat
this 3030 Led have a higher light output and are far more efficient,bulb socket fits a 9mm diameter hole
Red T5 LED Bulb With PC74 Twist Lock Socket,including 10pcs T5 instrument panel dashboard LED light bulbs and 10 twist lock Sockets